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Apartment Hunting Checklist

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Apartment Address: _____________________________________________________________
Landlord's Name and #: _______________________________________ ______________
Property Owner
___________Are utilities included?
___________If not, what will they cost?
___________Is the apartment furnished?
___________If not, can I afford to furnish it?
___________Is the property owner generally available?
___________Will he/she respond promptly when repairs and maintenance are needed?
___________Have any of my friends rented from this person before?
___________What do other tenants think about the property owner?
___________Are the door locks adequate?
___________Are there locks on the windows (especially basement and first floor units)?
___________Are the hallways/outside entrance lit?
___________Is there a buzzer or intercom system?
___________Are there peepholes in the entrance door?
___________Is there an alarm system, security personnel?
___________What floor level is the apartment on?
___________Is it within walking distance to campus?
___________Are there laundry facilities on the premises?
___________Are they safe and well lit?
___________On a bus line?
___________Campus bus?
___________Is it close to grocery stores?
Bathroom & Plumbing
___________Is it large enough to eat in?
___________Is the sink scratched, damaged, rusted?
___________Does the faucet work?
___________Does the sink drain?
___________Does it seal?
___________Is the stove/oven clean?
___________Do the burners and oven work properly?
___________Are there adequate cabinets and countertops?
___________Is the floor in good condition?
___________Is there a vent fan?
___________Is there a dishwasher?
___________Is there a garbage disposal?
___________Are the refrigerator and freezer large enough?
___________How does the water taste?
___________Do the faucets leak?
___________Are the fixtures chipped, stained or rusted?
___________Are the tiles loose or cracking?
___________Is there a shower?
___________Shower curtain rod?
___________Is there a medicine cabinet?
___________Are there mirrors?
___________Towel racks?
___________Toilet tissue holder
___________Is there good lighting?
___________Is there a vent fan?
___________Are the electrical outlets usable and safe?
___________Is there adequate water pressure? (to test, turn on water in tub & sink and flush toilet)
___________Will there be adequate hot water?
___________Does each apartment have it own hot water tank?
___________How many gallons? (10 gallons per person is recommended)
___________What is the recovery time?


___________Can I control the heat?
___________Is the house insulated?
___________Are there storm windows?
___________Are there heat ducts in each room?
___________Are the outlets grounded in each room?
___________Is the circuit breaker or fuse box within easy access?
___________Do all the outlets and light switches work?


___________Is there parking?
___________Is there enough parking for all of the tenants in the building?

___________Are there water stains on the ceilings or walls?
___________Can I hear the neighbors?
___________Can the neighbors hear me?
___________Are there signs of mice or pests?
___________Is there adequate closet space?
___________Has the apartment been freshly painted?
___________Can the mailbox be locked?
___________What is the general condition of the building?
___________Have there been any burglaries or other crimes in the area?
___________Is the building on a main street?
___________Are there any nuisances in the area such as a swamp, firehouse, hospital or the Carrier Dome?
___________Will I be happy living in this apartment for nine months or a year?

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